The School Garden Doctor

Empowering teachers, schools, and communities to grow school gardens that enhance science education, nurture wellness, and foster environmental literacy.

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Sustainable school gardens where students engage in authentic scientific investigation, practice mindful eating and active habits, and become environmental stewards for the 21st century.




Organic Carrots


Fall Tokens
"In learning gardens, living soil and pedagogy surface in dynamic ways to create an ecological landscape of sustainability education."

Williams and Brown, 2012



Girls are intelligent, passionate, thoughtful beings capable of making the world a better place through science, but they need extra encouragement to develop and sustain an interest in the scientific enterprise.

Dirt Girls is an after-school program that engages participants in building and maintaining school gardens while investigating nature and exploring their science identities.


Common Core Cooking

This program brings the Common Core to life by integrating best practices for developing standards-aligned lessons for eating as learning. Based on a multisensory, multimodal, and multicultural approach: Eat-Read-Talk-Write, this classroom-tested pedagogical cycle extends to the school garden with suggested planting, growing, and harvesting activities.


Youth Birding

Birdwatching for youth gardeners introduces students to basic birdwatching tips and promotes scientific habits of mind. Through observation and interaction with nature, students develop an understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment and develop a positive disposition as a novice birder.


The School Garden Doctor is a registered nonprofit organization established in 2018 to promote evidence-based practices in school gardens.