USDA Farm to School Collaboration

Partner: Napa County Office of Education

Implementation Grant Project: After School Wellness through Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education (GENE)

Awarded in 2019, this grant will establish after-school wellness activities at three high-need sites through Garden Enhanced Nutrition Education. Through the use of quality curriculum, professional development for staff, hands-on outdoor education, and family outreach, students will Learn, Grow, Eat, and Go. Participating sites include Calistoga Joint Unified School District ACE Program; Camille Creek Community School, and Taylor Mountain Elementary School. The University of California Master Gardeners of Napa County will provide horticultural outreach and The School Garden Doctor will provide professional learning.

Professional Learning 


  • The School Garden Network of Sonoma County

  • The School Garden Network of Napa County 

  • Sonoma State University

The School Garden Doctor offers a variety of professional learning opportunities, such as workshops, courses, and site consultations. Currently, she is teaching Sustaining School Gardens. In this course, participants will collaborate to develop leadership capacity to sustain school gardens. Using a Professional Learning Community (PLC) model, learners will read and discuss school garden research, examine and critique school garden curriculum, and plan and prepare a final project. To receive invitations to opportunities, subscribe to The School Garden Journal or view the list of current opportunities on the Professional Learning page. 

Garden to Cafeteria

Most Recent Project:

What do schools do with the produce they grow? Some teachers use it to conduct tastings and cooking activity. Other gardens sell their abundance to provide access to families. Less often, it is sold to the school or district foodservice program. According to Slow Food USA, "Garden-to-Cafeteria is a program in which students grow, harvest and deliver fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables from a school garden to the cafeteria at the same school" (Garden to Cafeteria Toolkit, 2017).  

STE(A)M Garden Projects

Select Saturdays

9 am-12 pm

Contact Carrie to bring this program to your Saturday School Curriculum!

School gardens are ideal spaces for project-based learning (PBL). Many real-world problems can be solved by integrating science, agriculture, technology, engineering, and math into a project. This series involves families in collaboratively identifying a problem, brainstorming a project-based solution, and employing a STE(A)M framework to improve the school garden. Example projects include: Scarecrow Design Challenge (Fall); Holiday Crafts (Winter) and Citizen Science (Spring).